HAMK Sheet Metal Centre

Construction based on principles of sustainable development

Built on the campus of Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), the hall is being used for research, development and teaching purposes by the university, Ruukki Construction and HAMK’s Sheet Metal Centre. This hall was built to prove that it is profitable to build a near zero-energy (nZEB) hall also in Northern areas.

The hall was designed and constructed to meet its goal: to be a building with economical lifecycle use that saves energy and uses existing renewable energy sources. The goal was achieved thanks to optimisation of construction solutions. Optimisation means selecting solutions based on investment outlays, additional usage costs and future savings. In other words, choosing energy savings or yields that generate the best financial revenue during the lifespan of the building.

To get an introduction to the zero-energy project and the solutions used in it, go to www.greatestzero.com
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Ruukki's delivery: 2014
  • Ruukki on-wall solar system
  • Ruukki Forma™ and Ruukki Expression™ facades
  • Ruukki classic solar roof
  • Energy panels and energy panel windows
  • Steel frame: design, manufacture, installation
  • Daylight windows and heating and cooling units in the ceiling
  • Energy piles
Visakaarre 9, Hämeenlinna, Finland