Hurricane Factory

South of Berlin, in Brandenburg, in the immediate vicinity of Schönefeld Airport, a new branch of Hurricane Factory opened in 2017. Hurricane Factory offers customers a special experience, a feeling of weightlessness. In the company’s vertical wind tunnel, customers can float and fly in a weightless atmosphere.

Ruukki delivered its Ruukki Forma façade system for this five-storey building. The system included both sandwich panels and façade claddings for the walls.

"The factory look supports the idea of the building and is aligned with our company name. The same idea was also used inside the building, where, for instance, the walls have been altered to look like concrete walls. “The building is unique and differs from the other buildings in the area. That has been our goal and it is also our strength. I am pleased both with the appearance of the building and with the materials selected, and highly satisfied with Ruukki’s deliveries,”  explains Jakub Weck, Hurricane Factory’s managing director.

Ruukki's delivery: 2017
  • Ruukki Forma façade system: Sandwich panels and façade cladding for the walls.
  • Cladding products: Cor-Ten S7 façade profiles, Liberta Elegant 500 rainscreen panels and T20 steel profiles.
Wassmannsdorfer Allee 3, Schönefeld OT Wassmannsdorf, Germany