Residential building – Ulven Terrrasse

Ulven Terrasse condominium, located some 3 kilometers to the northeast of Oslo city center, consists of five buildings comprising 215 apartments. Stricter energy performance requirements resulted in a building modernization project, which included thicker insulation, replacement of the façade cladding and windows, and renovation of the balconies.

Ruukki delivered the special copper lamellas for the new façade of Ulven Terrasse.

 “The three sizes of lamella used in the walls also add vitality and individuality. The plan was to create a façade with vertical expression that viewers could experience. Now sunlight or snow on the surface plays on the façade,” describes architect Cecilie Austerå from LÉVA Urban Design.

“We created a long-lasting façades, which will certainly be functioning a hundred years from now. Not only that, a copper façade is inexpensive to maintain,” notes Ulf Christensen at Selvaag Prosjekt.

Ruukki's delivery: 2019
  • Special lamellas, copper
  • Customer: Boligsameiet Ulven Terrasse
  • Main contractor: Selvaag Prosjekt
  • Architectural design: LÉVA Urban Design
Ulvenveien 117, Oslo, Norway