Turku Energia – steam generation plant

Turku Energia’s new steam generation plant was completed in 2018. The plant produces steam for five nearby industrial plants in Turku, Finland.

An artwork, Water Memory, by Finnish artist Mauri Kosonen, forms part of the northwest façade. The artwork has been created using Ruukki Emotion product, where perforated Ruukki Liberta 500 Elegant steel profiles are added with background lighting.

"The Work depicts the controversial argument in the scientific world that everything that touches water also leaves a mark on it. It is interesting to philosophise whether water would remember the dinosaurs that drank it and whether water would also remember man's actions in favour of a cleaner environment, "says Mauri Kosonen.

In addition to product delivery Ruukki worked closely with the artist and customer in order to find the best possible solution.

”Ruukki products are ideal for this realisation. In this project, the visual requirements of public artwork and the technical requirements of industrial buildings were implemented in the same package, " says Kosonen.

Ruukki's delivery: 2018
  • Ruukki Emotion: Liberta elegant 500, perforated with background lighting
  • Customer: Turku Energia
  • Architectural design: Heimo Paukkunen
  • Artwork: Water Memory – by Mauri Kosonen, 2018 (6.6 m x 16 m)

Länsikaari 1 b, Turku, Finland