Mall “Apelsīns”

According to the name of the object - "Orange", the architect's desire was to use the orange motif in the facade, so the colour of the facade elements and the placement of the perforation was based on that idea.

In cooperation with Ruukki, a facade cassette mounting and perforation solution was developed that allowed the desired result - a unique and impressive view of building facades.

1.2 mm thick steel cassettes are galvanised and painted with powder paint, which gives excellent corrosion resistance and a matte finish.

The total building area is 3500 m2.

Ruukki's delivery: 2016
  • Ruukki Tokyo S18; RR22 and RR23
  • Liberta Original 102; RAL2000 with ART perforation
  • Architect: Uldis Mazais, “STATIO ARHITEKTŪRA”, Sia
  • Construction company: “LEC”, Sia