Meripihka and Meriluoto – housing companies

Steel façades emphasise the elegance of Meripihka and Meriluoto

Ruukki delivered steel façades to the Meripihka and Meriluoto housing companies being built in Helsinki's Jätkäsaari. Approximately 3,000 square metres of Liberta 500 steel façade cassettes in silver and metallic graphite colours are used on the buildings. The width of the façade cassettes varies from 20 centimetres to 2.2 metres

The Meripihka housing company consists of two buildings, with three residential floors each, and a total of 30 flats. Meripihka was completed in autumn 2017. Helsinki’s Meriluoto housing company has two buildings and 30 flats, and some of these are two-story units. Meriluoto was completed in September 2018.

Ruukki's delivery: 2017-2018
  • Liberta 500 rainscreen panels, 3000 m2
  • Main contractor: YIT
  • Installation of the façade cassettes: KST-Yhtiö