Experiences from building a showroom for architects and designers

Eva Krausová, Marketing and sales support CS, SK
Aug 28, 2017

Is showroom able to attract architects and designers? The answer is yes, but not an ordinary showroom. It has to be something different, not only a wall with product samples.

Kaštanová design centre in Brno, Czech Republic meets all of the requirements for being much more than a common sample wall: the whole building is our showroom. Our Ruukki Forma with gold Liberta Elegant rainscreen panels was used for a part of the facade, and silver sandwich panels on the rest. This this is what architects and designers want: to see our products on a real building in a real time and size. They want not only to see them, but also to touch them, to knock on them. In Kastanova, architects and investors can not only see our facade solutions, but also meet with us and talk about their projects plans by a cup of delicious coffee and small snacks.

On the second anniversary of Kaštanová design centre, a big event was arranged for the visitors, especially architects, designers, developers and investors, and for their leaseholders and clients. Almost 2 000 guests spent a nice evening with good food and music, and had a lot of fun in the relaxed atmosphere. Ultimately also architects, designers, developers and investors are only human beings who need to relax from hi-speed working pace. And even better when they can come with their workmate, spouse, or friend.

More info about Kaštanová design centre: www.kastanova.cz, www.kastanova.cz/ruukki


Eva Krausová
Marketing and sales support CS, SK, Ruukki Slovakia

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