Accident-free installation

The following all pose risks to health and safety on construction sites:

  • lifting heavy loads,
  • working in high places and
  • working on big construction sites.

These risk factors are taken into account at Ruukki  by both project management and research and development as they seek to minimise them. 


Lifting safety

To improve lifting safety on installation sites, Ruukki has developed a solution whereby holes for lifting lugs are made in WQ beams and elements used in steel construction. The lifting lugs are factory installed or screwed into place on site. Chains threaded through the lugs enable elements and beams to be safely lifted into place. Fixed lifting lugs or holes for lifting equipment are engineered for heavy or awkwardly-shaped items. 

Lifting heavy loads on busy construction site can be dangerous if not done in a safe way. To minimise these risks, we have created easy-to-use accessories, like a bundle lifter, which is utilised when lifting steel roofings. 


Safety at heights 

To improve the safety of persons installing and working on roofs, we have developed a safety anchor that can be fastened to load bearing corrugated steel sheets. A safety rope can be used to secure workers to this anchor, which is patented and CE-marked. 


Safely together

Ruukki actively promotes safety on its construction sites. Shared construction sites present greater safety risks, especially when more contractors are involved in the different stages of a project.  This is why we want to work together with all parties to improve overall on-site safety. We see this as an important part of developing safety issues in the building industry.