New Ruukki® Primo product family creates luxurious impressiveness to urban façades

Jan 06, 2020

Ruukki Construction is to launch a new product family, Ruukki® Primo. The first suite of products to be launched is Primo Skyline, which will enable the creation of impressive façades suitable for an urban environment. Large, smooth façade panels are particularly well suited for office and commercial buildings. 

Skyline products have a smooth surface and can be used to create the large, integrated façades especially popular in an urban environment. Applications include public buildings, hotels, office and commercial buildings. Ruukki provides not just the products, but also comprehensive design support such as detail and installation instructions. As BIM objects, Skyline products additionally support design. Ruukki’s production capacity and logistics guarantee delivery performance in also in large construction projects. 

There are three Primo Skyline products: Skyline 100, which is installed horizontally, Skyline 150, which is installed vertically, and Skyline 1000, which is available in a maximum width or height of more than 6 meters, depending on the direction of installation. Delivery of Primo Skyline panels includes all the parts needed for façade cladding, from the panels themselves to the fastenings needed to install them.

Since the seam width of Primo Skyline panels is not standardized, designers can decide the width variably. Façade maintenance has already been taken into account in the product development stage. The horizontal seams of the panels have been designed to slope away from the building to prevent water and rubbish from being caught in the seams. Ruukki has applied for a patent for the sloping joint structure. Skyline panels can also be individually replaced if, for example, a panel is damaged.

Ruukki grants Primo Skyline products a 30-year warranty and only fire-resistant aluminum composite grades of fire classes B-s1, d0 and A2-s1, d0 have been used in making the products.

For more information, please contact:
Pasi Turpeenniemi,
Business director,
Ruukki Construction,
tel. +358 50 314 3349

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