Kaštanová Living and Design Center conveys quality

Sep 17, 2019

Kaštanová Living and Design Center is a showroom and business premises in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Kaštanová is not pursuing high footfall, but focusing on the most important customer group, designers and architects. Although private customers planning homes are also welcome.

Completed in 2015, the commercial building is home to 50 companies making construction products and features around 4,000 square metres of showroom space for customers. On top of this, there are around 500 square metres of conference facilities that are hired out to customers, as well as some 1,000 square metres of office space.

Kaštanová comprises two buildings, one of which is newbuild and the other renovated. Ruukki supplied a Ruukki Forma façade system for the newbuild. The system includes the silver-coloured sandwich panels used in the walls and the gold-coloured Ruukki Liberta Elegant rainscreen panels used for the cladding. Ruukki also supplied the same type of panels for the renovated part of the façade.

Synergy hub for quality businesses

Kaštanová’s roots are in a family enterprise, where the owner Radek Černý and his father played an important role. The site on which the new building stands was earlier a ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings store owned by the family.

”The idea behind Kaštanová began with a desire to raise the standard of construction in our country to that in the West. In a way, Kaštanová serves as a hub where designers and ideas can meet. The quality aspect is also reflected in the fact that only forward-looking quality companies have been allowed to exhibit their products there,” says Radek Černý.

Kaštanová brings people and companies in the industry together, in a way it works as a seedbed for collaboration where innovations and inspiration meet. In addition to design, customers can also hold meetings and product training events there.

”Synergy and new economic potential are created when different companies work here together. A designer choosing tiles, for example, also thinks about bathroom furnishings. It’s important for architects and designers to be able to see and try out. In a way, Kaštanová is a contrast to all the online sales and marketing that are so popular these days,” explains Radek Černý.

Distinct, sleek appearance

The requirement for the new building was naturally that it serves the business of the companies working out of it well and the spatial layout is logical.

Ruukki’s products - coloured silver and gold – blend in and act as an energising element with the lawn between the buildings.

“A façade needs to be distinct, sleek and attractive. Quite often less is more,” reasons Radek Černý referring to Kaštanová’s appearance.

Ruukki presented its own proposal, a special delivery to enable realisation of the architect’s plan for the façade. There were naturally other options on offer, but Ruukki was chosen to be the supplier. According to Radek Černý, collaboration was very smooth and these days Ruukki is also one of the partners on show at Kaštanová.

“Kaštanová has met all expectations with regard to appearance. Its elegance stands out in the surroundings. Also when they first visit the building customers have said how impressed they are with the building’s appearance,” says Radek Černý.

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