Ruukki’s steel structures used in Østerhus Arena in Norway

Sep 18, 2019

Ruukki delivered steel structures for the Østerhus Arena football stadium being built in Sandnes in western Norway. The work to install the steel structures kicked off in February 2019 and was completed on schedule on 25 May, despite the extremely tight timetable. Ruukki was also responsible for the installation. The client, Masiv Bygg As, selected Ruukki as the supplier because it was the only company capable of building a stadium frame that met the client’s technical requirements on competitive terms.


‘Special steel structures were required for the stadium and thanks to our mechanical engineering expertise, we could ensure their top-notch quality. The client also benefited from our installation expertise, which guaranteed that the project progressed without a hitch and on schedule,’ explains Aleksi Karttunen, Ruukki’s project manager.


The design of the steel structures, which was also part of the package delivered by Ruukki, was carried out in collaboration with the architect and concrete engineering team. Ruukki participated in the design already at the offer stage, when it introduced its solution for achieving the end result specified by the client. The planning stage ran from April 2018 to January 2019.


In Ruukki’s solution, rigidifying structures are used sparingly in the steel frame to achieve an elegant appearance for the stadium without unnecessary support structures. Being part of Ruukki’s core expertise, the stand beams and floodlight masts, which form a prominent visual element in the design of the stadium, did not present any challenges during the project. The 10-metre floodlight masts are mounted on the stand beams and arch over the stand.


Sandnes Ulf and Masiv Bygg are responsible for the building project and the stadium was designed by architect company Plank Arkitekter. The completed stadium will have seating for 7,500 spectators and it is slated to open its doors to the public in summer 2020.


For more information, please contact: Petri Nieminen, Business Director, Ruukki Construction. tel. +358 50 3143617,

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