Cu Group Department Store and Warehouse, Budaörs

Attractive building with design profile in Hungary

Budaörs is situated in the Budapest agglomeration. The city, which is an important commercial centre, hosts the new department store of the company that sells building engineering products. The building, which has a flexible space composition, consists of a warehouse unit and a two-level transparent showroom. The showroom displays products for customers both with simple and luxury demands.

Located in a heterogeneous environment, the simply constructed building immediately catches the eye with its location, volume and elegance. The external envelope of the clearly designed building has Ruukki Design Rome S34 cladding in stone coal colour, which is in perfect harmony with the big glass surface of the shop windows and the aluminium shade system protecting the upper stores.

The external wall structure of the building which has concrete supporting structure consists of insulated steel liner tray with mineral wool insulation, air-gaps equipped with vertical omega profiles and an external envelope equipped with horizontally designed profile.

Ruukki's delivery: 2015
  • 860 m² Design Rome S34 HIARC Matt RR45/Metallic graphite
  • 1420 m omega purlin
  • 27 m special flashings
  • Investor: CU-IMPEX KFT.
  • Architectural design: MARP KFT. Dévényi Márton and Gyürki-Kiss Pál
  • Distributor: Lambda Systeme Kft.
Komáromi utca 22, Budaörs, Hungary