Hämeen Kirjapaino

Façade renovation brightened up Hämeen Kirjapaino’s brand

The Hämeen Kirjapaino building has a complex design, with corners and roofs of different heights. The design took on an even more complex shape when the extension was completed in 2015.

“When designing the extension, we thought about whether to remain in our existing premises or to move to new ones. We decided to stay. We own the land and building and moving would have meant extra costs and breaks in production. It was possible to give the entire building a harmonious look because the new extension could be given the same type of façade as the renovated part,” enthused Miika Haavisto, managing director of Hämeen Kirjapaino.

Miika Haavisto added that from the very outset they hoped to use Ruukki products in the renovation. Ruukki’s products arrived on time and work went to plan. Hämeen Kirjapaino’s premises in Tampere underwent a two-stage renewal project. The first stage was five years ago, when the building façade was repaired and three years later when the extension was built. Miika Haavisto summed up the project in one sentence: “We’re pleased with our choice and definitely have no cause to regret it.”

Ruukki's delivery: 2012
  • Rainscreen panels
  • Design Rome profiles
Rasulankatu 1, Tampere, Finland