Tuglase Business Center

This business center was renovated in summer 2016. It used to be Ruukki's sandwich panel building built more than 15 years ago. Times have changed and this building needed a new attractive look. Ruukki's cladding portfolio offers many options to choose from. Architect combined different color Liberta Elegant 500 Grande rainscreen panels and more vivid look was given by using Liberta panels with different depth. 

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Ruukki's delivery: 2016
  • Liberta Elegant 500 Grande rainscreen panels - 1130 m2
  • Owner: Colordia AS
  • Architectural design: Arhitektrum OÜ- Ott Ojamaa, Armin Meisalu
  • Installation: Rainter OÜ
F. Tuglase 19, Tartu, Estonia