Ruukki® Renovation service

Ruukki® Renovation service

Ruukki® Renovation is a service developed by Ruukki to renovate and repair building façades. Our renovation service is the convenient way to replace the façade claddings in your commercial, industrial, warehouse or office buildings. An extensive range of façade products and energy-efficient sandwich panels enables us to create a contemporary, eye-catching design as well as a fire-safe, energy-efficient exterior wall for your building.

The service includes a survey, photography, modelling and design and contracting. You can also choose exterior wall renovation, which includes not only cladding, but also energy-efficient wall panels. The windows and doors of the building can also be replaced in conjunction with renovation.

Ruukki’s delivery concept enables continued use of the building throughout renovation work. Replacement of the façade is planned and carried out quickly and conveniently taking into account your needs and wishes.

If you wish to improve the energy efficiency of your building, choose Ruukki energy panels. This can save you up to 20% on annual heating costs.

Besides these and the economic benefits involved, Ruukki® Renovation will enhance working conditions in the building and add to the appeal of the vicinity as a whole. 

We always work with a network of certified design, modelling and installation experts in façade renovations.

It’s often thought that new construction is easier than renovation construction. Ruukki Renovation supports business continuity and transition of business premises from one generation to the next. 

Watch the video to see how easily you can modernise the façade of your building.

Services included in the solution

The benefits of our service

  • Increased property value
  • Fresh look
  • Cost savings with lower energy consumption


Our service includes

  • Required survey and photography
  • Estimating the extent of renovation
  • Energy survey and calculations (energy efficiency improvement package)
  • Dismantling of old wall structures and installation of new ones, including materials
  • Final inspections and approvals

Examples of possibilities enabled by renovation construction

Printing house premises in Tampere before renovation.
Printing house premises in Tampere after renovation.
2_Metsä Wood_ennen
Factory premises in Vilppula before renovation.
2_Metsä Wood_jälkeen1
Factory premises in Vilppula after renovation.
 Ruukki korjausrakentaminen Sähköliike Päivärinta Oy Nivala  ennen korjausta
Business premises in Nivala before renovation.
Ruukki korjausrakentaminen Sähköliike Päivärinta Oy Nivala  korjauksen jälkeen
Business premises in Nivala after renovation.
Factory premises in Vimpeli before renovation.
Factory premises in Vimpeli after renovation.

Products included in the solution

Sandwich panels

Ruukki sandwich panels are cost efficient prefabricated elements that consist of an inner insulation core between two colour-coated steel sheet layers.

Facade claddings

Use Liberta rainscreen panels, cladding lamellas or design profiles to express rhythm and flow and to complete your vision.

Solar systems for walls

Make your sustainable values proudly visible by using clean, renewable energy with Ruukki's Liberta™ Solar.

Our references

Centrum Galaxy

Ruukki provided a new façade for Centrum Galaxy in Szczecin, Poland, based on Ruukki Renovation concept. The shopping centre’s new façade has been created by a system of glass panels alternated with Ruukki Liberta steel rainscreen panels in dark grey, grey and white.

Tuglase Business Center

This business center was renovated in summer 2016. Architect combined different color Liberta Elegant 500 Grande rainscreen panels and more vivid look was given by using Liberta panels with different depth.


Ruukki delivered Design Tokyo profiles for the renovated facade of a car showroom.

Metsä Wood production building

The production facilities were modernised and given an elegant facelift.

Factory premises in Vimpeli

A new lease of life and plenty of sunlight

Production and warehouse premises in Vantaa

Kumiapu Oy’s plant is brought to the new millennium

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